Features of overnight stay in summer

The summer period is relatively comfortable compared to the conditions of ice fishing and spending the night with harsh winter time, when frosts over twenty degrees and howling snow blizzards are not uncommon. In the summer, all this is not there, but there are peculiarities that also carry certain disadvantages and inconveniences.

First of all, before going on a fishing

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Overview of rods for different fishing

Universal rod Experience Feeder, spinning rod Black Bass Spin K1229, carbon fiber telescope rod Light Fox.

Akara Experience Feeder Universal Rod

Springtime is very good for feeder tackle, but fish, especially carp fish, need a certain water temperature, which often determines the activity of spring biting. For such heat-loving fish as crucian carp and carp, the most optimal water temperature

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Predator rubber band

Classic bottom with rubber shock absorber. What the tackle consists of and how it is caught.

As you know, the tackle consists of a stock of the main line, undergrowth with leads and hooks, a rubber shock absorber, more often – the notorious “Hungarian” round section or multi-layer durable rubber 10-12 meters long. In strong currents, the longer shock absorber

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How to avoid falling victim to fishing ads

We will help fishermen understand the advertising fog that sellers let in in order to sell new baits, baits, tackle. Are they as catchy as we are told.

Nowadays, fishing advertising, pushing the sale of new tackle, bait, bait, usually presents them as “Improving catches”… Usually this is not an outright lie, but such statements cannot be called true,

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Camouflage shutter gear

Camouflage fixed gear in summer and winter. Probably, every fisherman had to deal with the problem of preserving his shutter tackle from ruin and abduction. Onlookers are trying to spoil and destroy the tackle, idly staggering along the banks and embankments of rivers flowing in the city. They often cannot indifferently walk past the tackle installed on the shore, if

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Bream in bad weather

Where to catch bream? Successful and effective methods of catching bream in bad weather. Fishing tackle and bait.

During the autumn cooling period with the arrival of long rains, northern winds and a sharp change in water temperature, fishing conditions also change dramatically. This also applies to fishing for bream. What are the main changes in fishing conditions and fish

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Correct installation of the floating boile

How to properly mount a floating boilie and remove “blank” bites? Basic rules to improve the performance of bites.

Beginner anglers are often faced with the problem of “blank” bites when fishing with boilies. The signaling device beeps timidly, the line stretches slightly, but the long-awaited locomotive is still missing. This situation suggests that there is fish at the fed

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On a swing rod

Fishing classics. What is the difference between swing fishing rods. Fishing line. Floats. Hooks.

The fly rod is probably the most popular and widespread tackle among Russian anglers. Probably, such a love for this tackle is generally related to the attachment to the float rod of all segments of the population, from schoolchildren to gray-haired pensioners. And this is understandable.

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