Boat transportation

An article about the problem of transporting inflatable vehicles using various specialized devices for transporting inflatable boats. The issue of equipping the boat with transom wheels is considered separately.

Many lovers of water recreation, quite often, when laying new routes, there is a problem with the transportation of a swimming device. The transportation of boats in itself is a very

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In autumn, sheer trolling often displaces spinning fishing, since the predator is already at great depths and even stepped jig does not always bring good luck. Sheer fishing makes it possible to fish at depth with almost all lures, of course, of the corresponding weight.

But this type of fishing in the fall with artificial baits means rafting downstream, as

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Choosing a boat for trolling

Trolling boat – hull, PVC or RIB? What are their advantages and disadvantages. Short description. How to choose.

The choice of a boat for trolling is an important and responsible step, because in addition to successful fishing, the life of the owner of a small boat may also depend on this choice. And this is not an exaggeration, since trolling

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Light and budget boats

Detailed description and characteristics of three budget and light boats in their classes: “LAS-1”, “Fregat 320 EK”, “Delta” 320 SK.

The lightest boat LAS-1

Any fisherman and hunter, probably, faced the problem of crossing the kaluzhins and streams filled with melt water, which became rivers in the spring. If some of these puddles and rivers can be acquired in swamp

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Boat anchor – pvc, hull, rubber

Which anchor should you choose for your boat to be reliable and safe when fishing and hiking?

Equipping the boat with a durable, reliable and comfortable anchor is one of the components of success in fishing. And here is a simple example of how an unreliable anchor can interfere with fishing. Sometimes it happens that only the current has been

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Outboard motors Mercury

About the main and the best in Mercury engines. What are their differences and advantages over outboard motors from other companies?

A boat motor is often a real companion, with whom at times you even begin to talk, sometimes affectionately and in a friendly manner, sometimes – in a raised voice when he starts to be capricious. But modern imported

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