Features of overnight stay in summer

The summer period is relatively comfortable compared to the conditions of ice fishing and spending the night with harsh winter time, when frosts over twenty degrees and howling snow blizzards are not uncommon. In the summer, all this is not there, but there are peculiarities that also carry certain disadvantages and inconveniences.

First of all, before going on a fishing trip, you need to inquire with the relevant authorities if a high fire hazard has been declared? In addition to calling the Ministry of Emergency Situations, these data can be obtained in the media, namely, in newspapers and on the Internet, where the main news of the region is usually duplicated in the Internet versions of newspapers. If this is not done, then in the hot summer period, when it’s time to relax on the river, fish, swim, barbecue, cook fish soup, you can get a solid fine. And positive emotions from relaxing by the water will turn into negative emotions, that is, the mood will be completely ruined. In addition, you will have to pay money for making a fire and visiting the forest in a special fire regime. If for violating the rules for making a fire in the forest at the usual time you can get a fine from one and a half to three thousand, then in a special period you can get fines from four to five thousand. And this is for the citizens. For officials, such a walk with barbecue can cost forty thousand, and for legal entities – all half a million. In a normal period, bosses for violation of fire safety rules risk getting a fine of twenty thousand, and legal entities – two hundred thousand. Vacation can be expensive if you break the rules. In addition to these violations, there are many more sub-clauses, including the burning of dry grass, dead wood and other combustible things.

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If, as a result of your rest and recreation of officials and legal entities, a fire breaks out, from which people and the forest will suffer, then it is better not to name the amount of fines. At least for a legal entity, it can cost a million rubles. In addition, criminal liability is also possible. And here we recall the forest fires in our pine forests several years ago, which arose as a result of celebrating the birthday of our head of the republic, when firecrackers exploded in a dry forest. Then huge areas of the pine forest burned down. And about criminal liability and even a fine against the president of the republic was not even discussed. Now he is in a remand prison for completely different sins – for corruption and bribes. And in our forests for many kilometers lie huge wastelands, filled with wood corpses. I saw it myself when I was at this fire and put out the forest.

Therefore, if a high fire hazard is declared, then it is better not to meddle in the forest. But even during the period when it is allowed to visit forests, there are certain rules that it is better not to violate. It is forbidden to make fires in peat bogs, in the places of forest felling, where branches and branches are left, as well as in piles of harvested timber. You cannot make a fire under the branches of trees, in areas with dry grass, in coniferous plantings and on burned-out areas.

It is impossible, categorically impossible, to leave the fire not extinguished, throw not extinguished cigarette butts, matches, glass bottles and jars, which, under certain conditions, become lenses and set fire to the forest.

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If there is no high fire hazard, then it is best to build a fire away from the forest, on a hillock and glade, after removing moss and sticks at the site of the fire, scraping the place best to the ground or sand. On the river, we usually make a fire on a sand spit, having previously burned dry grass and on the sand, if any. That is, the fireplace should be three to five meters free from combustible materials around. And you shouldn’t make a big fire in the summer.

Features of overnight stay in summer

It is very effective to use a gas stove with a ceramic burner for heating the tent and cooking, especially in places where it is dangerous to make a fire. This spring, spending the night in a tent with a night air temperature of about 8-10 degrees, we heated up the tent in just three minutes, as if it were a warm dugout. At the same time, the tiles between our couches made of tourist rugs worked without open fire.

In the summer you need tents with mosquito nets.

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