Fishing in June

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So, the spawning ban has been lifted. What kind of fish is caught and where in June.

So, five days ago, the spawning ban in the Republic of Mari El in the water area of ​​the Cheboksary reservoir and the rivers flowing into the reservoir has been lifted. Summer fishing at the Kuibyshev reservoir began earlier – on June 5. If we talk about the Kuibyshev reservoir, then in Mari El these are places in the area of ​​Sidelnikovsky Island, the village of Kokshaisk, Urakovo, Kanyshevo, Shelangusha, Black stones. All these are places for fishing from a boat to an onboard donk, feeder and “ringing”, of course, for those who like this kind of fishing, of which there are usually a lot on the water. With the opening of the season, boat motors begin to roar in the backwaters, and breakers and splashes from motor boats, cutting the waves, are already visible on the Volga. It is the fishermen who are in a hurry to anchor and wait for the bite of bream, papa, ide, large roach, silver bream, blue bream, that is, the usual Volga fish. And on the left low bank near the mouth of the Bolshaya Kokshagi can take a large buffalo crucian. At the mouth of Malaya Kokshaga, which is located below Kokshaisk, there are carp bites. The right high bank, where the depth reaches ten meters in places even with the shallowing of the Volga and the current is swift, usually catch bream and ide on heavy “ringlets”. The left bank, where the current is more moderate and the depth is shallower, is a place for catching large roach, although, of course, bream are not uncommon, but undergrowths are often found along with silver bream. Here they often catch on board donks and a feeder.

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From the sandy Sidelnikovsky Island, which is located above Kokshaisk, during this period, chehon is actively caught on the “rubber band”, often with whole families, at the same time resting on the sand of the island and swimming in the Volga waters. But the sabrefish is already pecking smaller than during the May move, when real “sabers” were encountered. Here, it happens, he will take a pike perch on an elastic band, if you put a load on it and put a tulka or live fry on the hooks. Fans of spinning walk along the sandy shore and catch zherekh and perch in a jig with step wiring, and asp on top of wobblers. But asp is caught only by those anglers who are able to make a long cast. This cautious predator does not come close to the shore.

If you put live bait donks at night, then at dusk a bell or a feeder bell can ring. It was a pike or pike perch that took it for roach or bleak. Often a large perch grabs live bait.

Fishing in June

Above the dam of the Cheboksary HPP, where the flood zone is located, during this period the recently spawned silver bream greedily pecks in the ducts, and individuals under a kilogram of weight come across. The feeder catches in the channels and bream, roach, rudd. In the quiet herbaceous backwaters, tench is also found. But these places are mostly hunting grounds for pike, which is caught during this period in the channels on oscillating and rotating spoons, on minnow wobblers. In clean places, where there are no snags, and this is a wide channel near the Fried Hill, zander and bersh are caught on a jig with step wiring. In this channel, the bed of the flooded Rutka river stretches along the sandy bottom. On the edges, which were its banks, it is precisely the jig with foam-rubber fish on a flexible suspension with a load or on an offset hook, twisters, rippers, vibro-tails of bright and various colors are carried out by step wiring.

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On the Volga in the area of ​​Voroniy Island or along the edge of a long island, where the bed of a river also runs, you can get to the asp ridge. Here, castmasters, wobblers or under the bushes of the island – spinning spoons will work more effectively.

In the depths of the channel leading to the mouth of the Rutka, Usually pike and perch are caught at this time with minnow wobblers and spinners. On the banks in the grass, a large rudd perfectly bites on a fishing rod. Come across: roach, undergrowth, silver bream, perches, if you plant a worm. Can take a weighty tench in the grass. The usual bait is bread, and the bait is a worm and maggot.

Fishing in June

On small rivers, bream time comes. True, on Bolshaya Kokshag bream was already caught at the end of May, but the first half of June is considered a favorable time for catching it. The most popular tackle for catching him on the current is the feeder. The most suitable places are sandy beaches opposite the steep opposite shore, under which it will be necessary to look for a catchy edge, which is usually located on the border of a sloping bottom and a snaggy pit under a high bank. The bait here is corn, worm, maggot.

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