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Universal rod Experience Feeder, spinning rod Black Bass Spin K1229, carbon fiber telescope rod Light Fox.

Akara Experience Feeder Universal Rod

Springtime is very good for feeder tackle, but fish, especially carp fish, need a certain water temperature, which often determines the activity of spring biting. For such heat-loving fish as crucian carp and carp, the most optimal water temperature will be 15-20 degrees, but in spring the reservoirs are still chilled out and the water in the bottom layer is often no warmer than 4 degrees Celsius. The fish adapts to such temperatures, but its activity, of course, will be lower than in warmer water. Therefore, in spring, even for catching cautious carp, it is better to choose coastal areas of water bodies with shallow waters of 1-1.2 meters. Throw the feeder to a depth of 1.5-2 m and you can be left without a single bite for the whole daylight hours. This is due to the fact that the spring sun heats up the coastal areas with shallow depth the fastest. Moreover, the weather at this time is unpredictable and closer to noon it often seems that summer has already come. It can even be hot, especially in calm weather. It is clear, and the water can warm up to the optimal 15 degrees. Therefore, fishermen who have arrived at dawn, and have already reeled off their tackle in the daytime, often lose hours of active biting, when the fish has just begun to take. At this time, the classic fishing dawn may not be relevant precisely because of the low water temperature in the early morning.

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The Akara Experience Feeder L1235 TX-20 is perfect for spring fishing for carp and crucian carp in ponds in spring. Moreover, this rod works just as universally on the river as a medium medium rod for fishing around the bends of the river in a relative calm, when the main stream stream hits the opposite bank. Behind the bend, a reverse current is created near the coast, and then a strong stream of current on the channel borders on a weakened current. On the border of these currents, there will probably be a catching point for fishing with a medium class rod. But at the same time, the versatile Experience Feeder L1235 TX-20, whose test performance is 60-90-120, may well work as a heavy feeder in the lower test performance. One hundred twenty grams of the weight of the feeder, of course, with bait, allows you to fish in a fairly strong current and make long casts.

Spinning rod Black Bass Spin K1229

This time, I plan to test the new lightweight Black Bass Spin K1229 rod, which I have long dreamed of. And so I ordered in the St. Petersburg online store, which is called “Minotaur”, and already received the package. In addition to the rod and the new reel – Surf Master Legend FL 2000 and a bunch of new turntables, rolls. Everything needs to be checked and filmed, because, in addition to the camera, the camera is also new – HERO from the Go Pro family. But the camera, as it turned out from the first shoot, has its own characteristics. You just need to know how to shoot … The head mount is, of course, convenient and allows you to catch the moments of biting, but, as I understand it, you shouldn’t turn your head and nod … I’ll probably have to go back to the tripod.

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Spinning rod Black Bass Spin K1229

Spinning rod Black Bass Spin K1229 showed itself on a small river from the best side. As it turned out, the transmission of this seemingly short spinning rod turned out to be excellent. In addition, casts can even be done with one hand. I consider the purchase of this rod to be one of the most successful purchases in recent years, as well as the Light Fox carbon rod, which will be discussed later.

CFRP Telescope Rod Light Fox

CFRP Telescope Rod Light Fox

It is also a versatile rod with a medium-fast action and a length of 6 meters. When folded, its size is 1.23 m, and its weight is 410 grams. In addition, the blank is perfectly balanced and resiliently flexible, without whipping. And this Akarovskaya Light Fox, designed for swing fishing, happens to be equipped with a light spring feeder and a feeder bell on the second knee in front of the tip. The fly rod has no guides or reels. The ready-made rig, assembled on the reel, is simply clipped to the connector on the top. Instead of a connector, I have a swivel fastener. A few seconds – and any rig is fastened to the tip, even a float tackle, even a donk, as I have in this case.

Alexander Tokarev and fishx.org

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