Autumn fishing on Bolshaya Kokshag in Starozhilsk

This is one of the cleanest forest rivers, which is located on the 39th kilometer of the Kozmodemyansky tract, if we count from the city of Yoshkar-Ola of the Republic of Mari El. At least, there was such a river quite recently, and we drank its water, just scooping up in handfuls. This is also a good place for fishing, moreover, not remote, like the places on the Volga and Vetluga. At the same time, there is good fishing for bream on a feeder, for spinning on pike and perch, in autumn and spring for burbot with zakidushki and feeders. Everything would be fine, but, obviously, some predators, maybe even local ones, are able to shock here, who have begun to lose their sense of the Motherland, which was inherent in the past. This can also be seen from the inhabitants of coastal villages in the flooded zone of the Cheboksary reservoir, who, in addition to the usual wetting of other people’s nets, began to steal them, and shock them under their own village. In a word, chop off a branch. The loss of dignity and feeling of the homeland among the villagers is closely related to the loss of the homeland of the USSR, many familiar values ​​and concepts supplanted by capitalism, and most importantly, with the loss of work, which disappeared with the experiments on the country conducted by Gaidar, Chubais and others like them.

Bolshaya Kokshaga near Starozhilsk is also, apparently, from time to time exposed to the raids of the enemies of all living things – electric detectors. And then its waters are empty for a while, and then the river somehow comes to its senses, since the moment of no return has not yet come here, when the river will already die, as the ecology is irrevocably dying now in many places of the planet.

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Today roach bites quite well here on the feeder, and even on Bonduelle corn, which seems to be already giving way to a worm and maggot. But it’s still the beginning of autumn, it’s warm, mosquitoes pester in the summer, and even more actively than at the beginning of summer, although it should be the other way around. But everything is changing.

Autumn fishing on Bolshaya Kokshag in Starozhilsk

A fishing companion and namesake – Alexander – even manages to pull two sorogies out onto the feeder at once. But he fed a point on the opposite bank of a narrow river, choosing a tree lying on the water. There, apparently, flocks of roach keep. But on the other hand, my son Vanka and I, from time to time, come across a “sandwich” made of worms and maggots, small bastards. Pecks and path. More recently, large crucians have been pecking here, apparently from the Volga. These are not those lazy slobberies from sleepy ponds, but powerful chasing fish, which are called buffalo in the Volga delta. But now they either left somewhere along the river bed or huddled in the oxbows.

Autumn fishing on Bolshaya Kokshag in Starozhilsk

Still, not the largest fish took the feeder, although for September it is quite a good fishing. But in my river, in addition to the cage, there is still an economic net swaying in the current, in which I laid the smallest roach. Its time has come.

To the side of the feeder positions, in a deeper place, I throw zakidushki with live baits on hooks. Here the coast is no longer sandy, like a beach with installed feeders. The grass is still turning green, just a little dry before the first serious frosts. Nearby there are bushes and burdocks on the sandy shore. The usual zakidushka here will cling to the fishing line and get tangled. For a similar situation, I have donkey bottles prepared. The fishing line is wound on a plastic bottle and thrown from it, like from a spool of a spinning rod, and therefore neither grass nor bushes interfere with casting.

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Here the feeder bell has blurted out and rumbled desperately. I got a pike. This is a nice addition to our fall catch today. Fishing went well.

Alexander Tokarev

Autumn fishing on Bolshaya Kokshag in Starozhilsk

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