Catching carp on top

Choosing a fishing spot. Where a trophy carp is unlikely to take a nozzle. Bait bait. Tackle for catching carp on top.

Fishing for carp on cake has long roots

In the southern provinces, and now the edges and regions, fishing on the top was the most common thing. The cake is still called the cake there. But in our time, a lot has changed. Something for the better, something for the worse. The positive factors include the emergence of modern functional gear, and the negative side is the depletion of fish stocks and fish shredding. True, this is not entirely applicable to the carp, since in the lower reaches of the Volga, trophy fish are not uncommon even now. Fishing for large carp is carried out on special carp rods with a length of 3.6-3.9 meters and a line capacity of 2.7-3.5 lb. The test values ​​for these rods are usually 135-150 grams. Rigging in this case is also used carp, where ready-made installations can be used.

Choosing a fishing spot

The golden carp, and this is how it looks in scales of the color of old gold, the fish is extremely strong and at the same time incredibly cautious. When choosing a place, first of all, they are guided by the places where the presence of this fish is noticed. And this is sometimes seen by the furious vskid of carp above the water and outcrops to the surface, from which powerful breakers are formed. Usually these are deep places where there is a pronounced edge and slope into the pit. It is better if at the bottom there are ridges and placers of stones, snags, underwater manes with uneven bottom relief. In addition, the carp prefers places with moderate and strong currents. In stagnant water, a large carp can be found quite rarely.

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All of the above can be called the main conditions when choosing a place for catching carp. But there is another important factor that often negates the main criteria for choosing a place described above. This is the crowdedness of the chosen place. A trophy carp is unlikely to take a bait in the area of ​​a place of mass recreation, or even where there are several people on the coastal strip of sand. Therefore, the wilder the place, overgrown with bushes, in ravines and potholes, the better. Usually the most unassuming-looking places are quickly settled down by the fisherman, the shrubbery in the place of fishing is cut down, the grass is trampled. And soon the chosen place becomes habitable and comfortable. At the same time, seeing the thickets of grass and bushes around such a small and secretive patch, tourists do not even try to enter this unkempt world, which is what an angler needs to catch a large carp.

Bait bait

Catching carp is impossible without the right bait, and this is not a one-time scattering of lumps of clay with corn, cake and boilies, but the grouting of fish for several days, which can take a lot of bait, but the result may be positive. Considering that bonding lasts four to five days, bait can take 30-40 kilograms, and sometimes more. Not so long ago, the bait consisted of almost free compound feed. Now the compound feed is not lying on the road just like that and no one will allocate a couple of unaccounted bags for a bottle of “fire water”. Nowadays, boiled corn, cake and boilies are used for bait. Fodder boilies are no different in composition from the boilies used to catch carp. But they go to the bait in the form of halves, which is caused by the economy and the fact that the cut boilies do not roll downstream. In summer, the boilies used for bait and bait are filled with aromatic components with fruity and sweet biscuit aromas. Corn, boilies and cake are kneaded together with clay and rolled into large balls. These balls are laid out neatly on the bottom upstream of the fishing spot, but they are not scattered in a big way while standing in the boat. This can lead to the destruction of the balls and rapid erosion during the fall to the bottom.

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Tackle for catching carp on top

I catch a carp on a cake – this is what the “experts” of this type of fishing sometimes say. So what is this tackle? In fact, this is an ordinary donk with a heavy sinker under a strong current, weighing 100-150 grams. The rods are used, as already mentioned, powerful, from a series of blanks for carp fishing.

The hooks are thick, strong and sharp, with a curvature for carp fishing in corn, No. 7-6. Used braided cord and fluorocarbon for leashes. Cord – 0.3-0.4 mm, leash – 0.4 mm.


Athletes do not attach the cake to the hook, but pierce it with an awl and hang it above the hook as bait bait. Corn is planted on a hook or hair. This allows them to release the caught fish. Local miners, for whom fishing is not self-indulgence, tie the tiles with hooks. The fish is used for food. The sinkers fixed in the clip are often thrown off when the carp is playing.

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