How the gray-haired carp carried crucians on two fishing rods at once

Carp fishing in the ancient village of Salobeljak, Vyatka province.

This time I took with me only a five-meter “float” and a homemade feeder. His quivertip gatehouse showed the most delicate bite, swaying against the background of the water like a float. The lateral installation of the quiver initially offers to stare only at the tip in the reeds and at the frogs croaking in the mud. No landscape before your eyes and no dawn colors.

Also, my feeder does not need interchangeable tips, since it is strong and unbending, like all clumsy tackle of Soviet times, when kilogram pikes were not noticed on the line. Only when the “keel for three” sits down, then it became clear – the pike took. And here – threw down the feeder, reeled up the braid and – that’s it, the tackle is alert, facing dawn. Almost like on my “Obi-3” among the Volga, only the bell is missing. But instead of it, you can attach a feeder bell. Let my feeder not throw the Paleolithic era 80 meters, but for some reason, forty was always enough for me. But put at least a 150-gram feeder, the spinning rod will not grunt, and the gatehouse, as it was sensitive to the bite, remained. So I reassure myself … But the tackle will still have to be changed – this is a fact. Soon they sent me from St. Petersburg a branded feeder with a length of 3.9 m and a test of 60-90-120. I began to use it on the Volga and on carp ponds when long-distance casting was required.

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We left after dark. It is generally accepted that any fish takes to a young dawn. And we were on the spot with the same calculation: we barely dawned in the east, and Gray, in a hurry, was already pulling the first … bleak. The driver Igor, on the site – decor – also kept up with Sergey. And I was not spared by this trifle: every now and then I shook it off the hook into the green water, but even bleak took less often from my finger on my five-meter course. The pond in the village of Salobelak clearly had its own character and, apparently, did not know that good fish should take early … And only when the church in the name of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity on the far shore was lit up by the sun, Sedoy dragged the first crucian to the shore. And so it began: the floats of his two fishing rods-seven-meter-long now and then flopped flat on the water or “blinked” in a crafty bite, wrinkling the water in circles. And while I was running to him with a camera, I returned to my lonely float, which was already sticking out somewhere far away. There was a crucian carp, but while I crawled up to him with the look of paparazzi and from different angles, he made a “last goodbye” with his tail and fell off somewhere in the sedge. And he took crucian carp from me much worse than from Gray. Apparently, my five-meter fishing rod did not reach the crucian path, just like Sergei’s five-meter fishing rod. And when I unwound my feeder, the feeder whistled and flew away, wherever the eyes were in the banal “shooting”. The most common mistake – do not check the free play of the braid in the “tulip” before casting. And, of course, preparing only for the photo session, I did not take spare feeders, longer fishing rods, I didn’t take a lot … But it was more than once that, having gathered to ride along the coast, take pictures of fishermen, choose a place for future fishing, as a result I became infected with passion at the sight of water and regretted that he did not take with him at least a fishing line with a float and a hook. It happened here as well. When Sergei-Sedoy “started playing the piano, it struck me completely. Sergei called playing the piano simultaneous bites on two fishing rods with playing with two hands. And he had such duets more than once. But it was not at all difficult for me to take with me spare feeders and a pair of longer fishing rods. Crucian carp, of course, pecked at me, but much worse than at the “pianist” neighbor. Meanwhile, it was surprising that Igor, our silent driver, had an even worse bite, although he caught both with a feeder and with the same long rod as Sedoi. Only later it turned out that he was fishing without bait at all, but he did not even say a word about it, although we would have enough complementary food for three.

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How the gray-haired carp carried crucians on two fishing rods at once

The bite perked up when I threw a couple of handfuls of barley on anise and vanilla into the water in addition to the feeder bait. The crucians and me began to peck quite briskly. In some places even more often than Sergei’s, but the time was already approaching departure.

In spite of everything, the fishing was a success, and most importantly, I finally managed to meet with the readers of my books and publications, not in absentia, but simply on crucian carp fishing, in the ancient village of Salobeljak, Vyatka province, and to be at a concert for two fishing rods performed by the maestro Sedoy …

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