How to avoid falling victim to fishing ads

We will help fishermen understand the advertising fog that sellers let in in order to sell new baits, baits, tackle. Are they as catchy as we are told.

Nowadays, fishing advertising, pushing the sale of new tackle, bait, bait, usually presents them as “Improving catches”… Usually this is not an outright lie, but such statements cannot be called true, and half-truths are not worth much for an angler, and the more and more often you fish, the higher the awareness of this.

As one famous satirist used to say – “how much to hang up exactly”? That is, exactly how much does it improve catches? Always, everywhere, for everyone? And does it improve at all? It is clear that there is a common excuse about the fishing interest, they say, if not even catchy, then it is interesting to try something new. And I’m not interested if this does not add to the quantity, quality of catches, and I am sure that I am far from the only one, because there is enough interest directly in the process of fishing.

Winter bait

In winter I like to run after a perch with a vertical, And there was a case, I succumbed to advertising – I bought branded Swedish and Finnish spinners for a couple of pieces of different models, and, of course, I “fell for” the balancers. But I didn’t improve my catches with these baits, no matter how I tried, there is no cardinal breakthrough! Practically no worse is the catch of home-made verticals of domestic production. “Practically” because I did catch some effect from an expensive “firm”, but this effect is so minimal that it can be neglected. Or maybe there is no effect? I just suggested it to myself, justifying spending on expensive baits. If this effect is significant, when the fish goes to barkless, then it’s another matter – give me this and more … But it doesn’t work that way. I tell many people how I came off with excellent perches with a noodle, the first time I tested this bait. So, that fishing became a “control shot” before a long strip of very weak biting of perch during the period of the heaped thaw. The weather is gloomy – rain, mirror ice, transparent, two centimeters of water on top, perches everywhere peck up to 50 g. Almost the whole day left, and did not take a single test fish. And all the branded and other lures, including the noodle, which cheered me up on the last fishing trip, seemed to be extinct for the large perches.

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For spinning

Or spinning with its incredible variety of artificial lures, which advertising about fishing is pushing the most zealously. Especially wobblers, to which I have a prejudice due to their high price. And all right, it would be justified, as in trolling, where fans of this method do not particularly complain about the price, because the wobbler is structurally stronger than all other lures by the head, this is clearly seen in the catches of fishermen who fish on large rivers and lakes. But where are these global advantages of casting wobblers, the same much-touted twitching ones? I believe only in my eyes, but they do not see these advantages point-blank even on overgrown, shallow-water lakes with working depths of 0.5-1.5 m most suitable for twitching, where pike is full, but it takes better on turntables. I see how people catch with wobblers, but they don’t catch more than fans of turntables! I tried to twitch it myself, but something doesn’t work out, and again I get lost on the spoons.

I admit that I did not catch it, I did not understand, I bought the wrong models, pulled it wrong, but after giving some time to wobblers, I am convinced that they cannot catch much more fish than spinners and rubber. There can be no cardinal wobbler leap, breakthrough! It just goes against common sense. If this were so, then would spinners and rubber have survived? Can a spinning player choose lures to the detriment of their catches? I don’t have anything new, including wobblers. I know that someone is very interested in these lures, they like to catch them, people are attracted by the complexity of their development.

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Previously, he himself made wobblers from wood with a propeller on the tail, some he painted with his own hand, others he gave to a familiar artist, then covered with epoxy – it was a super thing, and how many pikes I caught! Then it seemed that there was no better bait, but soon a banal ripper appeared, showing that he could fish better and bigger … A lot of things came, and began to lure money out of the fisherman, speculation began on our desire to catch – “and this super-catchy must be bought.” But it was only many years ago, during the Soviet period, that there was really a need to purchase certain baits, which were extremely few, and a significant part of them were “none”. I remember that in order to confidently catch pikes on our lakes, we needed the Udachnaya, Wonderful, and especially Chernospinka rocking machines. Not having them meant depriving yourself of a lot of bites. There was not much to catch if you just look at the shop windows. Now open the box of almost any spinning player, so what is there not! But for the most part, effective rubber, common and edible. The latter, by the way, is being advertised less and less, because they are starting to fill up with the Chinese, which fishermen already praise no less than the branded one …

Float fishing has enough of its half-truth

I will say without false modesty: I love float wiring very much, and I can do something in this business, in any case, I’m not complaining about catches. At the same time, I would like to improve, to catch large fish more stable. But what do the current “sports” trends offer me?

Roughly speaking, for my big river, mix 2-4-6 packs of branded vegetable feed and add a pound of bloodworms or / and the same amount of maggot. This is nonsense! If branded complementary foods are so good, then why add so many more expensive bloodworms? Why is it so expensive to feed? My cheap bread in a grid works, and it doesn’t matter which one – high-quality wheat bread or any mishmash with potatoes. In addition, finely ground branded feed, and even with the addition of bloodworms, will instantly collect a small white caster, bleak, roach on the river. On a small river – yes, fine grinding works well, you can’t feed it with bread there, there are not so many fish, and its size is not the same.

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And I stopped using all these attractants, flavors, because in my practice the by-catch is minimal or not at all. It is more important that all sorts of bad smells do not get into the lure and bait, like that gasoline or diesel fuel, so I try not to refuel on the eve of fishing, and I drive soap in the car, thoroughly washing my hands just before fishing. What from the modern float really brought me great benefit is the recommendations for working with groundbait, clay, in order to make balls heavier and regulate the nutritional value of feed, this is a promising direction in improving bait affairs. Although, if you look back, then clay and earth were added to the river feed and in the ancient fishing times of the highly respected Sabaneev …

Bringing out such “seditious” thoughts in public, I want to emphasize that I am not some kind of retrograde. On the contrary, from various sources I try to learn about new trends in fishing, find as much new as possible for myself, But I find the most valuable thing not in tackles and lures, but in tactical options for fishing in some specific conditions – tactics are the head! And here it is harmful only to cook in your own narrow circle – it is difficult to get infected with something new and useful. Fresh blood is a must, and it comes only with broad fishing communication, including via the Internet, so let’s more actively and honestly discuss our fishing business, sweeping aside the advertising husk and looking for the truth.

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