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Fishing classics. What is the difference between swing fishing rods. Fishing line. Floats. Hooks.

The fly rod is probably the most popular and widespread tackle among Russian anglers. Probably, such a love for this tackle is generally related to the attachment to the float rod of all segments of the population, from schoolchildren to gray-haired pensioners. And this is understandable. After all, this is a classic of fishing. A swing fishing rod is not much different from the traditional Aksakov’s “uda”, which consists of a rod, line, float, sinker and hook. Only modern rods are made of durable and lightweight carbon fiber, which is also used in the keel of fly floats.

Fly fishing rod

Swing rods differ in that that there are no guiding rings on them, as well as the reel reel known from bamboo fishing rods. Does not fit on fly rod and wire reel as on conventional telescopic rods. True, some anglers do not like rigging on a separate reel. It must be attached already at the fishing site. According to the old habit, anglers make reel reels from wire clips and fasten them on the butt of a fly rod. In this version, the rod is already assembled. Another difference between fly rods is the presence of a rubber shock absorber, passed in the knee of the rod and brought out in the tip. The shock absorber tension is regulated by a threaded sleeve, usually fixed in the second elbow from the top. A simpler shock absorber is attached to the top in the form of a thin rubber tube. The shock absorber helps to remove large fish on thin flexible gear. The length of a swing rod is usually 6-7 meters with a rod weight of 300-400 grams.

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Swing rods

Fly rod line, if it is assembled separately on the reel, it is attached already on the shore of the reservoir in the form of a ready-made rig. For this, a special plastic connector is used, and sometimes a regular fastener is used.

Fly rod line

Floats in swing fishing, sports are used in the form of drops, spheres and elongated ones, which are called “needles”. These are floats for fishing in calm waters. For the flow, semicircular and round floats are more suitable. For rods with a length of 5 m, floats of 0.5-1.0 g are used. For 6-7-meter rods, it is better to take floats with a carrying capacity of 1.5-2 grams.

Swing floats

Usually small strong hooks are used for swing, for example, the Gamakatsu company. Since the fly rod is used to catch vegetable baits, corn, maggots and semolina, hooks No. 10-20 of the international classification are often used.

Alexander Tokarev and fishx.org

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