On the Volga from the shore

In the mornings, the Volga resembles a large lake. There is almost no current, and there are strips of greenery along the banks. The gates of hydroelectric power stations are usually opened by ten o’clock. Only then can you start the engine and go to your proven places. Such places are mostly located on the right high bank of the Volga in the area of ​​the village of Kokshaisk, where the depth is deeper and the current is stronger. They need heavy gear and powerful anchors. Donka – “ringing” with a kilogram of lead in the trough is the most popular tackle. Large ides, bream keep here and from time to time make themselves felt with sharp bites and the ringing of a bell on the gatehouse of the side donkey. But all this is possible when the current is “given”. In the early morning, if you can’t sleep, you can only admire the beauty of nature.

I have a spinning rod and a feeder always in stock

Any fishing is unpredictable: either there is no bite, then a predator or other fish that was not hoping for takes. It is different in fishing, and it is better to have different gear.

Also with bait

If, in the old fashioned way, I fill the “ringing” bucket feeder with lure of my own making, more often – with a mixture of porridge, steamed peas and flavors, then feeder feeders on light side donks – with bait for the feeder. Although fishing from a boat, feeders and feed are what you need for fishing at shallow depths and at the mouths of rivers flowing into the Volga. Therefore, a couple of bags of complementary foods are always at hand.

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Today time is dragging on like never before

We leave the backwater with Sergei on a motor and move to the island, which stretches along the Volga in a long spit. Here they usually catch sabrefish in summer. On the island, I spin the still coastal waters with a spinning rod. Maybe the asp will take on a castmaster or “turntable”? No, silence and stagnation, both on the water and in the bite. A friend only caught a perch on a tandem of spinners.

In order not to stare at the water in vain, I take out a feeder, fill a 40-gram feeder with Fishbait Gold Bream Vanilla bait and send hooks with worms and maggots about thirty meters from the shore, where at least some movement of water is noticeable. Sergei went to the other side of the narrow island with a spinning rod.

On the Volga from the shore

Sunbathe so sunbathe

Having warmed up on the warm sand, I almost fell asleep, but then something prevented the sweet slumber. Ah, so this rod fidgets in the sand in the flyer, and the tip turns out to be biting and often nods over the water. Sweep! A large breeder came in on the line. And then came a white-eyed sopa, pop-eyed … Only small. Then the blue bream caught on. From time to time, bastards of various sizes also nibbled. Not without, of course, ruffs.

In a word, this morning and before the current did not have to be bored

And then Sergei hastily announced, they say, something splashing on the other side. We came there with ordinary swing rods, threw it behind the grass and began to wait. Bites followed immediately. On the worm and maggot, it seems, all the little thing that was in the neighborhood pounced on … But it was clearly not she who splashed. I had to take the trouble and go to the boat for the feeders.

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We threw light feeders twenty meters to begin with. The current, though weak, is there. This is evident from the grains of greenery floating along the coast. There is no current on the Volga, but here it is slowly pulling … True, from Kokshaga. Water is discharged into the shallow Volga. As soon as a strong current is given, in the river, on the contrary, the water stops, and sometimes it goes back at the mouth …

Where they dropped the feeders with sliding leashes and worms on hooks, the bites of little things stopped. It can be seen that there is a deeper place. The line goes steeply into the water. And here are the first confident bites! .. Almost simultaneously with a friend. Something heavy rests on the line. Likewise, at the same time and a fish pulled out with a friend. Yes, it’s a carp! And not small ones. It seems to be just right to be surprised, but then I remember that the same strong and beautiful crucian carp, even on the “ringing” came across on the Volga itself, though at our left bank. And it is appropriate to recall that in our Malaya urban Kokshag the same crucian carp appeared up to a kilo years ago. Every spring there is now their furious move and bite, when the banks of the city river are covered with fishermen so that there is nowhere to stand. Apparently, they are not quite comfortable on the current Volga, so new “Palestine” is being developed.

Crucian carp on the Volga from the shore

Laughter, laughter, self-indulgence, it seems, but we managed to catch these Volga crucians before the current by a kilogram or two …

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