Organize a fishing trip for the kids

Take your butt off the couch and … finally take the kids on a fishing trip! It’s easy for you, and the kids have so much joy!

The first fishing trip for a child – an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime! What will it be? Nervous, full of paternal irritation and intolerance? Or, on the contrary, will it open before the children’s gaze the wonderful world of the surrounding nature and its inhabitants? And will it take place at all? It all depends on you, dear parents.

Children of the XXI century were not lucky. The Internet stole their childhood, took away the joy of live communication with friends and nature. Many of them will never know what street games are, potatoes baked in a fire, swimming in the river, fishing …

Dear parents, hear me! By buying tablets and phones for 5-year-old crumbs, you are committing a crime against childhood. They don’t need these electronic vampires at that age. They will get along with them in life anyway. Children need your attention. We need your genuine, interested participation. They want to play football, badminton with you, go hiking, fish – are there any interesting activities in the world? And you brush them off by putting them on the Internet – a ruthless killer of time and health. I myself have three daughters growing up. I know what I am saying.

Of course, this is convenient: I gave the child a tablet and forgot about it – hands are free for business (or idleness). But how can you be so selfish and so not love your children? Childhood is a moment, it will remain in the memory of your baby, it depends only on you. Are you tired? Once? Tomorrow? Give it up. Right now, take your butt off the couch and … finally take the kids on a fishing trip!

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Organize a fishing trip for the kids

What is fishing for a child

It’s a whole world. A new world full of interesting discoveries and delights. I remember the first time I took my daughter on a fishing trip. While I was busy with the boat, she gathered a bunch of dandelions, met the frogs on the shore, saw a snake basking in the sun, a coot duck with a brood scurrying around the reeds.

Organize a fishing trip for the kids

And so the boat glided along the surface of the river. You should have seen the face of the crumb: it shone with happiness. In shallow waters we met a small turtle with bright patterns on its shell. I caught her without difficulty. I won’t even tell you what it means for a girl to hold a live turtle in her hands! She wanted to take the reptile home. I had to be smart to let the animal go back to its native element.

And I also showed her a pond snail, a swimming beetle, a water strider spider, a reed warbler – not fishing, but a lesson in zoology. There were many questions, I answered them steadily.

The first fish caught for a child – an event

On that day, I brought along a spinning rod and a child’s fishing rod – a lightweight 4-meter telescopic rod without rings. While we were sailing, I noticed a place where small change was gnawing near the reeds. There he fixed the boat. I threw sunflower cake into the water – the water “boiled” from the fish. I set up a fishing rod for the little princess, put a maggot on the hook, made a cast and handed the tackle into her hands.

The float danced frantically at once. The little girl pulled out a rudd – a beautiful gold-colored fish with bright red fins. Then another one. And further. I only had time to unhook the fish, adjust the nozzle and throw the tackle. She hooked up over and over again. Immediately according to my prompts, and then herself. Joy was – not to convey!

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In an hour, we caught fifty redfins. On the way back, I gave up the spinning rod several times. I didn’t count on the catch, I threw it for the sake of sports interest. I got a 300-gram bee-eater. Though not large, but handsome: he is dark himself, and his sides are in bright specks of olive color. I photographed my daughter with a toothy trophy, after which she released him.

Organize a fishing trip for the kids

In total, we spent 3 hours on the river. Despite my fears, the girl on the fishing trip behaved calmly, was not capricious and did not ask to go home. She really enjoyed fishing. At home we were greeted by excited cats: a whole pack. Even a neighbor’s skinned cat Vaska ran to fish. We fed them with small rudd, and the large one – fried and ate at dinner. It was delicious. What could be tastier than a fish caught with your own hands?

Dear dads! If you still think that children’s fishing is frayed nerves and a spoiled mood, I dare to reassure you – this is not so. It happens in another way. It all depends on you. Do not be selfish, take children to the river, instill in them a love of nature from an early age. Sow their souls with seeds of kindness and warmth – get attention and a mug of water in old age.

PS Let’s go dig worms? Perhaps, I’ll go too: well, I really don’t want to spend the rest of my days in the old house!

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