Pond fishing in summer

What kind of fish and what kind of tackle do fishermen catch on the village ponds.

Of course, first of all, on the village pond in the summer, there is a real expanse for fishermen-floaters, who will not exchange for anything their fishing rod with a classic rig, and it was in use a couple of centuries ago. And even if here on this pond, literally thirty meters away, if you walk along the shore, they catch carp five, seven kilograms, sometimes heavier, but for fans of a swing rod, carp on a fishing rod is more expensive than the largest carp caught on heavy carp rods. And, oddly enough, the largest crucians for some reason come across closer to the coastline. Fishermen with a six-meter swing rod sometimes have worse results for large crucian carp than fishermen with a five-meter rod. But the situation is different with carp. Those who are engaged in carp fishing catch the largest carp by throwing the tackle 80-100 meters. Large fish do not keep in the coastal zone. The catch of fishermen with fishing rods is crucian carp, roach, perch and small carp. Usually all this fish takes on maggots and worms, less often on Bonduelle corn.

Catches in ponds

Floaters, combining fishing with a fly rod with a feeder, often become the owners of larger trophies. On the feeder in the coastal strip 25-30 meters wide, for corn “Bonduelle”, worms and maggots, often larger crucians come across than on a fly rod. It is not uncommon to catch medium-sized carp weighing 0.5-1 kg. Usually less than half a kilogram of carp weight is released back – grow up.

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Carp fishing on the pond

Carp fishing enthusiasts also take their souls to the pond in the summer. Some come here on vacation for a few days, often with their families. Fishing with an overnight stay is a tribute not only to romance, but also to practical benefits. At night in the middle of summer, carp often takes better than in the daytime, and larger specimens are found.


For fishing, carp anglers use powerful carp rods with bottom rigging, where on the hook, or rather, on the hair from the braid at the hook, they put a boilie, which is pre-drilled with a thin drill, then they hook a hair loop with a special barbed needle, thread the hair through the boilie and fix it with a stopper. This attachment of the nozzle does not destroy the boilie and allows you to throw both boilies and corn on the hair far. The fishing point is usually fed with a rocket feeder, which opens when it hits the water. The button for the Spomb feeder, which is located in the front part, is activated. This feeder, unlike the Spod feeder, allows you to deliver large bait to the fishing point.

Pond carp

Carp fishing results in good fish. Most often, carp is caught on the “catch and release” principle.

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