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Revitalization of bite in “Sorozhkin” weather. The role and composition of bait during the period of low activity of roach. What jigs and what game are most often used.

The first month of winter is quite contradictory and diverse in the manifestations of fishing. If the end of November, the beginning of December, depending on the timing of the formation of ice, is often a real holiday of fishing, called the first ice, then by the end of December the influence of the approaching “deep winter” is becoming more noticeable. And this is inevitable. This happens every year. And this is due to the changing conditions under the ice, when under thicker ice and falling snow it becomes darker and darker and the amount of oxygen decreases. The fish becomes inactive, including the roach, which quite recently desperately bent the nod of the winter street, recklessly grabbing bloodworms on a hook or a windless jig. Revitalization of roach biting occurs during thaw, especially in the so-called “Sorozhka” weather, that is, a quiet warm morning with falling soft snow. During long thaws, even the crucian carp revives and begins, as if nothing had happened, to feed, as if spring had already come.

Fishing today has a completely different technical equipment than it did decades ago. Therefore, ice screws have become different when compared with the past “spoons” and “glasses”, when anglers strove for the minimum hole diameter, so as not to suffer from drilling holes, especially with poor sharpening of knives. Nowadays, there is no such problem and it is better to choose an ice screw for fishing roach with a diameter of at least 150 mm. This is due to the fact that bream often comes across while fishing for roach on the Volga. Such a fish may not get through a narrow sports “hole” 100 mm in diameter, and even with a hook there is a risk of reaching only the head of a bream.

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Roach bait

In a difficult period of low activity of roach, groundbait plays an important role. Quite often only with the help of bait it is possible to provide a relatively intensive biting of this fish, especially large, which at the end of December becomes lethargic and cautious. The bait, which, according to famous fishermen, actually work during this period, can be attributed, in particular, “Greenfishing. Cold water”. This groundbait works more effectively in tandem with some flavorings. It can be syrups with the smell of “smoked crayfish”, “hemp in fish”, “salmon”, “red caviar”.

The delivery of groundbait to a depth of more than four meters is usually carried out using the so-called “dump trucks”, that is, feeders that open at the desired depth, often at the bottom, or at the very bottom. There are some features that must be taken into account in order for the bait to achieve its goal without loss. After filling the feeder with groundbait, the feeder should be slowly lowered into the hole to displace the air that is always inside the bait. The process of lowering the trough should not resemble lowering to the bottom of a winter spoon. There, when the bait is dropped, it moves away from the vertical axis of the hole. The same can happen with the feeder if it is dropped too quickly to the bottom. And then the bait will lie on the bottom away from the hole.

The feeder is opened by pulling the spring “pin” out of the hole on the feeder with a sharp jerk. And it is best to do this not at the very bottom, but half a meter from it. This will expand the feeding area and create a food cloud in the area of ​​the hole, which will certainly attract the nearby fish. In relative shallow waters, it is more advisable to feed the fish by lowering slightly squeezed and flattened balls of bait into the hole. Round balls usually roll with the flow.

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Groundbait composition

The bait is usually added to the composition of the bait, which is used for a particular fishing. Most often these are bloodworms and small maggots. But this does not always give the desired effect. If there are flocks of ruffs or perches nearby, they will block the path to the bait for the roach. Thorny fish will constantly fiddle with the bait and spoil the fishing.

Jigsaw game

For successful fishing of roach, a smooth game with a jig is usually used. Already on lowering the baited jig at the very beginning of fishing, you should monitor the behavior of the nod. Often, the very first bites occur in the upper horizons of the water column. Roach takes best on a slow, swinging lowering of the bait to the bottom. During the period of low activity of fish, it is not necessary to make large brushes of bloodworms, even for large fish. Better to plant one bloodworm in a half ring.

What jigs to use

Jigs during this period are used in small sizes, no more than 2.5 mm. Smaller tungsten lures often work even better. Roach are attracted to lures with light coatings and often silver coatings. For catching cautious roach, a thin line with a diameter of 0.08-0.1 mm is used.

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