Snowmobile Taiga Lynx, for fishing trips with children

You don’t look with an ironic grin at this snowmobile, they say, a toy for fun in the yard. No, this is a fully functional car, in which your son may well accompany you for a Sunday walk in snow-covered meadows or for a short fishing trip. And this can be hours of complete happiness, when safety is observed on spacious and flat meadows at low speed, and the son will fully feel like a man and a real fisherman with his own hands, driving a snowmobile and catching a fish with his own hands, even if on a small nearby river. These small rivers will often give odds to the Volga catches. Immediately I remember how with my little son we went out early in the morning to the meadows and went on skis to the river, which flowed three kilometers from our house. They walked along the crunchy crust, falling through and again coming out onto the solid crust. And on the river, they drilled holes, teased the local fish with bloodworms and the larvae of the Chernobyl on the jigs. They threw holes in ground crackers with millet porridge and competed in catching red-eyed paths and thorny sailor perches. These were, of course, bright moments. But out of relatively large fish, only small pikes, which we called “laces”, came across on light zherlichki. And for larger fish I had to go to Comino, already by car, in a roundabout way. If there was a snowmobile, then they would drive directly through the meadows to the river.

There are, of course, some inconveniences. For safety, the speed of the child’s snowmobile does not exceed 13 km per hour. For the sake of full communication with your son, you will have to restrain the horsepower of your snowmobile and drive on low gas.

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Even with its small dimensions, the Taiga Lynx snowmobile is a completely serious and functional unit with skis that rest on strong steel levers. The engine is 200 cc, capable of pulling a snowmobile weighing 80 kilograms and its driver without much straining, albeit at low speed. This is an American Kohler carburetor engine with a manual start and a 2-liter gas tank volume, originally designed for a gas generator. To start it, you will have to raise the plastic hood, one to one similar in appearance to the adult “Taiga” brand Varyag 500. The transmission is made in the form of a direct drive to a caterpillar using a centrifugal clutch.

User feedback: “Eh, why were there no such devices in our time? They could not even dream of something like that. Adults will also envy this snowmobile. Almost no gasoline consumption and starts with half a turn. Now the son only dreams of when we will go fishing again ”.

The rating of this Taiga Lynx snowmobile, according to user reviews, both adults and their children, is 9.8 / 10. Price – 105,000 rubles.

The advantages of the Taiga Lynx children’s snowmobile are: the lowest cost on the market for children’s snowmobiles, the economy of the engine made in the USA. The downside is the destruction of the load-bearing structure under the weight of the dad, if he suddenly decides to ride his son’s snowmobile. Suspension and frame strength may not be sufficient for this load.

Of course, all trips and walks of your child should take place under the careful, but not annoying parental supervision or supervision of a coach. These snowmobiles can be objects of sports competitions, which can instill in the child the excitement and desire to play sports. Also, this small technique is of great importance for full communication with a child almost on an equal footing while traveling to a nearby river or pond, joint fishing for perch or roach, tea drinking and a fire with a fishing fish soup. Is this not real happiness, both for the father and for his son or daughter? Therefore, despite the relatively weak power characteristics, the Taiga Lynx children’s snowmobile is quite a serious machine from a technical point of view and educational.

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