Understanding the Swim Bladder | Bass Angler Magazine

This images show a trout, however most fish are similar

Anglers of all skill levels, especially those who are fishing in deep waters, need to understand the swim bladder. This is an important organ for fish, but it can also put their lives in danger when they are reeled to the surface.

By understanding how to identify and deal with

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Seth Feider Share his Bass Fishing Secrets to Success

Angler of the Year Frontrunner Seth Feider Shares His Secrets to Elite Series Success

RACINE, Wis. (July 7, 2021) – With a few exceptions like Humminbird pros Kevin VanDam and Brandon Palaniuk, most winners of the Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year trophy have at least one thing in common: Southern roots. And while the list of previous winners

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Fishing Vegetation for Bass with Brandon Palaniuk

When it comes to bass fishing, especially for largemouth bass, fishing around aquatic vegetation is always a good place to start. Bass love grass, and fishing in, around, and through vegetation is a surefire way to up your odds at catching fish.

The problem with some fisheries during the warmer months is that vegetation can be everywhere. Locating bass populations

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Bass Science – What’s the Point?

This is one of the many articles in the 2010 Issue # 4 of Bass Angler magazine

By: Richard Ziert

The Key to Success is Understanding the Point

By Richard Ziert

A long main lake and secondary points dropping sharply into the abyss, sunken islands, saddles, pinch points, knobs, ledges, and the funnels involved these are the place to catch

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Deuces Wild | Bass Angler Magazine

Jud Browder with a Nice Duces Wild Bass


By Jud Browder

Double rig, tandem rig, double Fluke rig, call it what you want but we call our version; Deuces Wild and when you see it work, you’ll know why. It perfectly mimics two fleeing baitfish. No doubt the double rig is deadly on schooling

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Bass Fishing Secrets | Bass Angler Magazine

Bass has been one of the most favorite fish of fishermen. In fact it has been proven to be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating pastimes. There is not much fuss involved and it is pretty exciting to entice the fish into hitting or bait. But even then, not all of us have very good records with the fish.

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Minnow Fishing | Bass Angler Magazine

When it comes to minnow fishing, one constant is, its FUN! I have always had a weakness for fun.

When I was asked to do an article on minnows I was a little apprehensive; “Minnow fishing”? That isn’t fair !! ” Why write an article on minnow fishing? Anybody can do that, right? Having fished the Western Pro Bass circuits

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Delta Square Bill Crankbaits | Bass Angler Magazine

Charlie Weyer Cover Shot 2009 Issue # 3

By charlie weyer

Shallow waters, emergent and submerged weeds and wood and big Florida-strain largemouths all go hand in hand with the word flipping. And, while the California Delta is known as the birthplace of flipping, there’s another technique that doesn’t play second fiddle to the short-line tactic and that technique is

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John Crews Flippin ‘Summer Bass

In a Bassmaster Elite Series event in March of this year, John Crews from Salem, Va. crashed through the ceiling on the 100-lb benchmark. Joining the Century Club for four days on Falcon, his haul of 103-13, was mostly attributed to flippin ‘a subtle, plastic creature bait. The plastic responsible for the bulk of his bass action was a Missile

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Fall Froggin ‘| Bass Angler Magazine

Frost on the pumpkin doesn’t mean it’s time to put the frogs away. Late fall is a great time to catch bass on hollow body frogs, and here’s advice from the best fishing pros in the business on getting the most out of your autumnal amphibian angling.

Elite pro Zell Rowland is well known as the dean of all things

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