There’s a number of lessons in this Shortcast video from Scott and Roland Martin. The obvious first lesson is how seasoned professionals prioritize specific pieces of high-probability cover amongst square miles of possibilities.
The second is that if you want to have a career in fishing, you better love the sport, in your heart and at your core.

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Bass Never Get Sick Of It: Part 1

This is going to be a 7 part series discussing 7 different ways to effectively fish the 5 ”Sick Stick. And to keep it simple, each technique can be performed with the same rod, reel and line. This way the only thing you have to worry about is swapping out the “business end”. We’ve decided to break this series up

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Bass Never Get Sick Of It: Part 2

For the 2nd entry of this 7 part series we’re going to go over fishing the Sick Stick on a finesse version of a Carolina rig. This technique covers the gap between split shot rigging and the standard Carolina rig. Granted when most people think of Carolina rigging, they think of 7’6 ”medium heavy casting rods and 1/2

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Bass Never Get Sick Of It: Part 3

Now for the 3rd part of this 7 part series, we’re going to go over fishing the Sick Stick on a Shakey head so you have something else new to play with in 2014. Some of you might already use this technique but you’d be surprised at the number of people out there that only think of wacky

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Bass Never Get Sick of It. Part 4

For the 4th entry of our 7 part series, were going to go over yet another way to utilize the subtle effectiveness of the Sick Stick, and this time it’s Drop shotting with a 2/0 EWG hook rigged weedless. This is one of my personal favs because most people don’t even think of doing it, so it’s a presentation the

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What Bass Eat? FROGS | Bass Angler Magazine

One effective way to catch more bass when not on the water is by educating yourself on bass biology. Every hard bait, soft plastic and swimbait on the market is designed to match something that the bass crave, hunt and eat. In this series we will feature different bass forage giving you specific information on the highlighted species. The goal

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A few degrees in the temperature might spell better bass action

Anglers typically catch the biggest bass of the year in early spring when females swell with roe before spawning. In late winter, bass gather near lake humps, deep ledges or drop offs to wait for water to warm sufficiently before moving shallow to spawn. Water one or two degrees warmer than the rest might attract bass and spark more activity.

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Selecting The Right Tools | Bass Angler Magazine

I’ve had the same Ugly Stick since I was twelve and I’ve never needed any other rod! ”. Each time I’m asked a question like this I’m forced to reach deep down into my bag of clichés and pull out gems such as, “You don’t play a round of golf with just a putter” or “You can ‘ t build

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4 Seasons of Top with Jacob Wheeler

“Topwater is an underutilized tool for cold water conditions, but with the right trends, the winter can be some of the best days to throw it,” said Wheeler.


Wintertime at Wheeler’s mid-western home waters can dip to near freezing, but that doesn’t stop him from fishing the surface. “A topwater lure is not one that you are going

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Exposed on Toledo Bend With Keith Combs

If you haven’t enjoyed any of our Season 4 premiers now is the time. Tomorrow in his Exposed debut Keith Combs will break down Toledo Bend, a day of practice which sent him onto a top 20 finish and lead in to a week he will never forget at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic.

Keith shared some insight

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