Seth Feider Share his Bass Fishing Secrets to Success

Angler of the Year Frontrunner Seth Feider Shares His Secrets to Elite Series Success

RACINE, Wis. (July 7, 2021) – With a few exceptions like Humminbird pros Kevin VanDam and Brandon Palaniuk, most winners of the Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year trophy have at least one thing in common: Southern roots. And while the list of previous winners

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Fishing Vegetation for Bass with Brandon Palaniuk

When it comes to bass fishing, especially for largemouth bass, fishing around aquatic vegetation is always a good place to start. Bass love grass, and fishing in, around, and through vegetation is a surefire way to up your odds at catching fish.

The problem with some fisheries during the warmer months is that vegetation can be everywhere. Locating bass populations

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Overview of rods for different fishing

Universal rod Experience Feeder, spinning rod Black Bass Spin K1229, carbon fiber telescope rod Light Fox.

Akara Experience Feeder Universal Rod

Springtime is very good for feeder tackle, but fish, especially carp fish, need a certain water temperature, which often determines the activity of spring biting. For such heat-loving fish as crucian carp and carp, the most optimal water temperature

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How to avoid falling victim to fishing ads

We will help fishermen understand the advertising fog that sellers let in in order to sell new baits, baits, tackle. Are they as catchy as we are told.

Nowadays, fishing advertising, pushing the sale of new tackle, bait, bait, usually presents them as “Improving catches”… Usually this is not an outright lie, but such statements cannot be called true,

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Closer to autumn, the conditions for any fishing change

From boat or shore? Aksakovskaya fishing for bream. From the boat to the donkey.

Closer to autumn, the conditions for any fishing change. These changes are especially noticeable on small rivers. In a warm summer dawn, it used to be anchored along the edge of the coastal strip of grass and, one might say, a fishing spot was found. Thickets

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How to find your autumn fishing

It’s a dull time … Hardly … An onboard fishing rod and a “warm” perch.

Good technique is a bicycle. In a golden autumn, on a chilly morning, and, it happens, you leave the city through frost, and you will be greeted by delicious transparent air. There is a feeling of piercing coldness in him. It smells of withered grass,

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About feeder fishing and the dangers of superstition

The opinion about the extraordinary superstition and mystical mood of fishermen has already become classic and somewhat worn out. All this is true, but it is not difficult to find the reason for such oddities. A real fisherman spends half of his life fishing, and in retirement – the rest … How can you be a dry pragmatist and a

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Organize a fishing trip for the kids

Take your butt off the couch and … finally take the kids on a fishing trip! It’s easy for you, and the kids have so much joy!

The first fishing trip for a child – an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime! What will it be? Nervous, full of paternal irritation and intolerance? Or, on the contrary, will it open before

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