The pike does not take, then we catch the burbot

This time, there were few fishermen on the oxbow near the water intake, and for good reason. Only ruffs pecked at the bait. And only one small pike fell on the zherlitsy. Apparently, this is why there were no fishermen, since they refused to take the pike.

In the evening, I put on the same holes with the same live bait, adding also ruffs, my new girders in the under-ice version. To do this, I simply unfasten the reel, lower the live bait to the bottom, leaving a couple of meters of free fishing line and overwhelming the excess over the teeth inside the reel. If you leave all the fishing line, as for a pike, then the burbot will surely find a snag at the bottom, even the only one in the area, and destroy the tackle.

Now it remains only to pass a loop of a thin nylon cord through the hole in the reel, tighten the noose and hang the girdle on a stick, then placing it across the hole and lowering the reel with a fishing line under the ice. So that the tackle does not stick out in plain sight, I cover the hole with a support from the vest and cover it with snow. I stick twigs near the holes for orientation. But he didn’t put all nine galls. He put three at the first mouth of the old woman, and at the other exit into the river – also three pieces. I set one set-up with a heavy sinker under the cliff of the opposite bank, in a rather strong current, relying on this tackle. In such conditions, large burbots were once caught on Bolshaya Kokshag, on Markitan. Why – put it on? The weight of the girder was not enough here to keep the bait at the bottom. Flow.

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I slept early in the morning and did not come to the old woman until nine o’clock. Yeah, that’s what Saturday means on a suburban river. In “my” place were three fishermen, and the whole oxbow was filled with girders, moreover, right up to the other side of the “horseshoe”. And not one zherlitsa stood at the exits of the old lady. In a conversation with the owner of the vents, it turned out that for some reason the pike here takes in a shallow oxbow, and not in a hole at the exit to the river, where I put my vents yesterday. Each reservoir has its own characteristics. Early in the morning, the guy caught a couple of pikes. And now, as it snapped, using a banal saying …

Catching burbot from the ice in this place, as it turned out, was news for fishermen. We have not even heard of someone catching a nocturnal predator here. Okay, I’ll check my tackle, although their surprise did not add to my optimism. You have to be so foolish – with such live bait to bore on a nearby small river. Yes, it would be better if I showed myself on the city reservoir with the vents, maybe I would pull one or two pikes out from under the ice.

Three vents at one exit from the oxbow were empty. Only one of them had the line completely unwound. Apparently, the pike took, but only tore off the live bait. At the same place yesterday, the only small pike was caught.

I pass to another exit from the old woman. And here on each of the three girders sat burbots … Postavukh on the other side was empty, but the stake was on it. Burbot were caught in places with a weak current and a depth of 4-5 meters.

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Burbot, which is smaller, was taken on a cut path, and the largest – on live bait. True, this burbot brought me into disappointment and embarrassment … The fishing neighbors watched for a long time and attentively how I fought with the fish, obviously, with the miracle burbot. It even came to the hook, with which I pulled out … a medium burbot, but caught with a fishing line for someone’s torn braid at the bottom. Through the springy resistance of the braid, I felt the jolts of the fish, mistaking it for the coveted “large”, which did not even crawl into the hole. Well, okay, burbot after all – not the frogs that have so far come across in this river. We will assume that burbot fishing was a success. The river is small. And now if only the ear is good.

The pike does not take, then we catch the burbot

But everything turned out as it should: and the ear turned out to be notable. So, it’s not in vain that I get wet under wet snow and rain. You can and – from the ustatku.

Alexander Tokarev and

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