Yamaha RS Venture TF

Best Speed ​​Fishing Snowmobile – Yamaha RS Venture TF Detailed description. Pros and cons.

The first and foremost rule for manufacturers of snowmobiles for tourism and fishing is the comfort of the equipment to the maximum. In addition, such a machine should be distinguished by its autonomy. Japanese engineers were able to implement all this in the snowmobile, which will be discussed.

Snowmobile Yamaha RS Venture TF


The Yamaha RS Venture TF hiking and fishing snowmobile, considered the best of its kind, is powered by a water-cooled three-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The engine with a volume of more than a liter with the help of two overhead camshafts, as well as individual chokes with a diameter of 41 millimeters, allows the snowmobile to go both at low revs and immediately “take” from a place, like shooting.


Since the snowmobile has good speed characteristics, a suitable suspension was required to meet the increased requirements. Therefore, the snowmobile was equipped with a front suspension, which is based on transverse independent levers with Kayaba HPG shock absorbers. To eliminate shaking and combat uneven terrain, the sled was also equipped with the excellent ProComfort adjustable track suspension with similar shock absorbers. The travel size of these suspension sleds on this touring snowmobile rivals many utility machines. The front indicator is 219 mm, the rear is 350 mm.


This rather heavy snowmobile stops with a two-piston hydraulic caliper and an additional engine braking system. In the classic form, the variator disconnects the connection between the engine and the drive during the gas release.

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With the help of the electric power steering introduced into the design of the snowmobile, it has become much easier to steer in deep caked snow. There is no loss of feedback to the rudder during this operation. Full control is maintained during taxiing maneuvers. It has now become an easy and not tedious function. But do not forget that the snowmobile does not rest on the half-meter track of the “whidtrack”, but on the Camoplast Ripsaw track 380 mm wide, which is not enough for loose snow.

Review of the Chita user. I find this snowmobile to be the best for long distance riding. There is no shaking, it doesn’t blow out anywhere, you don’t get tired even during long driving on different gullies and curved paths. The main thing is that without too much extreme.

Pros and cons of Yamaha RS Venture TF

The advantages of the Yamaha RS Venture TF snowmobile include: economy of the engine, at the same time powerful enough, excellent protection against wind, information content and functionality of the dashboard, energy intensity and long travel of the suspension, ease of control. The downside is the narrow track.

Snowmobile Yamaha RS Venture TF

Rating and cost

The rating, according to user reviews, is 9.9 / 10. The cost of a snowmobile is 1,339,000 rubles. Of course, such a snowmobile cannot be called a budget one. There are also cheaper cars, for example, the Russian-made Taiga Varyag 500 snowmobile. Its cost is 309,000 rubles. But, according to the reviews of fishermen and hunters, this snowmobile, which is the cheapest in Russia, is not very reliable. It can lead somewhere among forests and fields, in the vastness of the reservoir.

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In addition, if we talk about the inhabitants of the Volga villages, they often do not need a luxury car. They can get by with an old “Moskvichonk” or “Lada” to get to the selmag in a neighboring village, putting chains on their wheels during the off-road period. Yes, they go on foot. But on the snow-covered Volga-storage facility, they cannot do without a reliable vehicle for moving on ice. The Volga is a nurse for them. And here a good car is already required.

Alexander Tokarev and fishx.org

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